ABS&D’s design, specification, delivery and installation service creates hassle-free solutions for a wide range of medical environments.

We’ll help you create space specifically designed to promote an enhanced level of wellness, meeting the quality standards and demands of today’s hospitals, long-term care facilities, eldercare environments, and medical clinics.

ABS&D’s evidence based design solutions are focused on the new ideas in patient care. These solutions focus on the benefits of creating furnishings that reduce staff stress and fatigue while being effective enough to withstand the 24/7 use that is necessary within the healthcare environment.

Whether in a doctor’s office, urgent care center, surgery center, or emergency room, exam rooms are hardworking, high-functioning spaces that support the activities and relationships that create connected, satisfying and effective healthcare experiences.

Healthcare is all about balance.

  • Administrative Areas
  • Clinical Environments
  • Patient Care
  • Waiting Areas
  • Storage and Transport
  • Signage

A balanced healthcare environment allows these elements to work together, forming a total healing environment for patients, families, and staff. ABS&D can help transform how you deliver patient care. We welcome the opportunity to deliver exceptional service.

Our sales professionals are specialists in providing the answers and solutions for today’s healthcare and workplace issues. They work to assist in selecting solutions that not only focus on the patient but also the care giver and the family and friends that support the patient. All of this ultimately leads to shorter stays, healthier patients and a satisfied care staff!

Patients and their families are frequently left waiting. Waiting to meet with their care provider, waiting for a diagnosis, waiting to receive information or literature and the places where they wait are often uncomfortable and unappealing. We have a large selection of different styles of waiting/ reception room furniture to fit all your needs. Our team will assist in creating a space where comfort and professionalism meet.

Let our experienced team help you with determining the best approach for your facility. Deliver comfort and ease to patients and employees with our high-quality and cost effective furniture today.